Patients & Families

Patients & Families

Our Shared Mission

The science of bone marrow transplant is opening new horizons in the treatment of a wide range of diseases — including many where transplant would have been unthinkable.

Meet one of the people who inspire the Magenta team in their quest to change medicine.



The bone marrow transplant journey involves family members, caregivers, researchers, as well as advocates. Learn more about some of the organizations who are working on behalf of patients here:

Be the MatchBe the Match, a non-for profit organization operated by the National Marrow Donor Program NMDP, serves as a critical link between stem cell donors and recipients. Learn more about their vital work, here:


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Clinical Trial Resources

Magenta Therapeutics is addressing all aspects of bone marrow transplant through innovative and targeted drug approaches. For more information about our clinical trials, email us at