Transforming The Transplant Journey So More People Can Benefit

Our unique and integrated platform of transplant therapies will allow more patients to benefit from curative immune reset.

Imagine a world where we can reset a patient’s immune system through stem cell transplant to cure autoimmune diseases, blood cancers, and genetic diseases. Millions of patients worldwide are living with a broad range of diseases that could be cured through a stem cell transplant. This includes:

  • 2.3 million patients worldwide currently living with multiple sclerosis
  • Approximately 300,000-400,000 babies who are estimated to be born with sickle cell disease each year
  • Approximately 430,000 patients worldwide who are diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia every year

Imagine what it would mean for patients to have access to this immune reset with better outcomes, fewer complications, and less toxicity risk. At Magenta Therapeutics, we are developing medicines to make these hopes into realities. 

While doctors have been using stem cell transplants for more than 50 years, only about 40% of eligible patients receive this curative therapy because of the risks and toxicities associated with the procedure. We’re developing precision therapies to overcome the current limitations of the transplant process. The ability to effectively and safely reset the immune system creates the promise of curative treatment options for more patients across a broad range of diseases.

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